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English Charecters Only / אותיות באנגלית בלבד

Order Candles

You can choose to print you own label or to purchase prepared memorial candles with labels



Buy personal memorial candles with labels. Names of the perished remembered are in English and selected randomly




This year candles are offered at the expense of Our6Million to students, when ordered by their school, with pick-up at no charge or delivery at your expense, on a first come first serve basis.


  •   CONSORTIUM of JEWISH DAY SCHOOLS        ORDER    For more information call 203-768-8693
  •    THE AFIKIM FOUNDATION                                ORDER     For more information call 212-791-7450

All Others

Order candles  at $0.50 each, shipping not included.

THE AFIKIM FOUNDATION                                 ORDER



Order candles in multiples of 24 and/or 48candles per box at 1.20 Shekels plus VAT per candle and when applicable, plus shipping from the Menorah Candle factory in Sderot.  Specify if you want candles in English or Hebrew.  The candle labels are supplied by Our6Million at no charge to you.

Call 054-211-2226 / 054-339-0247 or ORDER



Print your OWN LABEL or select and print from the NAMES REMEMBERED.  Cut around the printed label, apply adhesive to the back and wrap around a standard tin memorial candle, which are sold in stores.