English Charecters Only / אותיות באנגלית בלבד
Daughter of Shmuel & Sara, Married to Eliahu, Housewife, Perished in Kielce, Poland
Daughter of Yitzkhak & Khaia, Married to Gershon, Seamstress, Perished in Chelm Ghetto, Poland
Daughter of Srul and Dvora, widow., Housewife, Perished in Uman, Ukraine
Daughter of Moshe & Reizel, Housewife, Perished in Tyszowiec, Poland
Married to Moshe, Housewife, Perished in Nowogrodek, Poland
Married to Lea, Merchant, Perished in Lublin, Poland
Daughter of Nathan & Jeta, Physician, Perished in Auschwitz Camp, Poland
Son of Avraham & Golda, Carpenter, Perished in Warsaw Ghetto, Poland
Son of Moshe & Rivka, Peasant, Perished in Auschwitz Camp, Poland
Daughter of Khaia & Eliezer, Housewife, Perished in Woronowo, Poland
Son of David & Frida, Married to Sara, Carpenter, Perished in Olika, Poland
Daughter of Yitzkhak & Beba, Married to Avraham, Housewife, Perished in Dubna
Daughter of Yehuda & Rivka, Married to Yaakov, Housewife, Perished in Warsaw Ghetto, Poland
wife of Yitzkhak, Housewife, Place perished is unknown
Son of Gitman and Ester, married to Riva., Clerk, Place perished is unknown
Married to Helena, Grocery store owner, Perished in Lwow, Poland
Son of Abram & Yona, Married to Sala, Tailor, Perished in Brande
Son of Avraham & Sara, Merchant, Perished in Auschwitz Camp, Poland
Married to Khaia., Metalworker, Perished in Leningrad, Russia
Wife of Richard, mother of two, Family dry-cleaning business, Perished in Germany
About Us
Will tomorrow’s children even know about the Holocaust?

Join the popular new custom of lighting a personal memorial candle in memory of one of the six million who perished, this eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Unfortunately, survivors will no longer be here to share their story.
It is up to us.
Continue the annual tradition of lighting a personal memorial candle together with family and friends. We are keeping their memory alive this year and next year, ensuring the collective memory of the six million will continue for generations to come.
Experience a personal connection by reflecting upon and discussing the life of the person whom you are remembering.
You choose who to remember – a relative, a hero or a person by chance.

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.Just think, perhaps you are the only hope I have. Fulfil it

Elie Wiesel's answer to the question: What will happens when there are no more Holocaust survivors left to tell the story?
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The Names Remembered database contains over 300,000 names, a resource provided by the public – survivors, family members, acquaintances of the victims, young schoolchildren, communities and reputable internet sources.

Our 6 Million non-profit organization has been operating since 2013. Since then, millions of personal memorial candles have been lit – in homes, schools, public agencies, IDF units, the Knesset of Israel, the President’s House; and various organizations, companies and public institutions.

The custom is widely practiced in Israel, and has become more popular over the years in communities around the world, mainly the United States.

Glimpse into the life of a person by reading about their life on your candle label AND by scanning the QR code, accessing more information about their life story.


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